Storytelling for Leaders – Perth, Australia

A participant emailed one of our Anecdote Founders this note:

“Not long after attending the Storytelling for Leaders Program in Perth in February, I had quite a crisis at work. The Executive Team of my major client had almost decided to cancel the brand project I had been hired to do. This represented a huge loss of sales for me. In an upcoming Board presentation I had to convey to Executive Team the reason for the brand project and the value of it.


I referenced my Storytelling For Leaders workbook and decided to present my case as a Clarity Story. I prepared 4 pages to follow the structure of a Clarity Story.

On the day of the Board meeting, I gave my presentation to the Executive Team, taking them through each part of the document, using quotes to independently support the validity of what I was saying. At the end of my presentation, the audience was quiet, and then the comments began, “We just have to do this”.

I was thrilled and you have my gratitude for teaching me this skill.”