The 8 Essential Keys To Spotting Business Storytelling Training That Delivers

Focused ResultsIn today’s international business world, every leader is constantly seeking a competitive advantage for his or her firm. So, when we talk about our Storytelling for Leaders program, we want you to know that our methodology and “best practices” are not only backed up by over a decade of “field experience” but they’re also reinforced by the research we continually seek out and use to improve our workshop and consulting engagements.

Recently our international partner and Anecdote’s Founder, Shawn Callahan, wrote a brilliant piece on How To Spot Business Storytelling Training That Delivers, which you can read here.

In his short piece, he outlines the eight essential keys you should be looking for when considering business storytelling training. After all, developing storytelling skills is worthless unless you can detect real benefit from the effort. Like all of our international partners, we pride ourselves on providing our clients’ with high quality training that produces real world results.