A Decade of Success Inspiring Stakeholders To Action

Who-Recommends-UsOver the last decade, our Storytelling for Leaders program has been employed by some of the largest corporations across the globe. From software to healthcare and banking to energy services our program has enjoyed success with a wide range of Fortune 1000 firms.

Whether your firm is small or large, you now have the opportunity to learn the same business storytelling skills that Microsoft, Gartner, IBM and Genworth Financial already use to drive sales and inspire both their internal and external stakeholders to action.


Who Retains and Recommends Us?

Individuals who retain and recommend us work in a wide variety of corporate roles. A few of those leadership positions are listed below. If your role is different than the few we’ve mentioned and you’re searching for better ways to inspire and engage your stakeholders, we’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can work with you and your team.

  • C Suite Executives, Division & Business Team Leaders. Senior leaders and business line leaders need their teams to be better communicators. Personal business stories help leaders to inspire and engage stakeholders, and clearly narrate the company’s strategy, getting their strategy to stick.
  • Chief Information Officers. Our Storytelling for Leaders program is embedded into Gartner’s Emerging CIO Program. IT teams have great technical skills but can encounter client engagement challenges. Our SFL program gives them the tools they need to speak confidently with clients.
  • Sales & Marketing Directors. Storytelling for Leaders has been used extensively with sales and marketing teams; eg. The recent engagement with the IHG brand leadership team in Asia that included the head of Sales and Marketing.
  • HROD, Corporate Training, and Learning & Development Leaders. In today’s fast paced world all organizations have a keen interest in continually improving their leaders’ ability to inspire and engage stakeholders. Our program is used successfully in stand- alone engagements as well as corporate university settings.
  • Entrepreneurs often tell us that the VC’s they’re pitching only want to hear the numbers. Our advice: Embed those numbers in a personal business story that conveys your passion. A personal business story conveyed with passion will not only get them to care about your product or service but they’ll also be 7 times more likely to remember what you’ve told them. Stories are powerful tools of persuasion; we’ll show you how.