Corporate Strategy and Brand Audit

Corporate-Strategy-&-Brand-Our groundbreaking Storytelling for Leaders program is built upon over two decades of work in the fields of corporate strategy, corporate communications and brand management.

Narrative IQ’s founder, Christopher Kogler, first became involved with story work during his years in the television industry in New York City. During that period of time, the strategy, corporate communications and brand management work he performed garnered him 5 Emmy awards and numerous other industry kudos.

Today, building upon this foundation, Chris and his team will work with you to perform a SWOT analysis and help you redefine your corporate strategy and brand in a way that resonates with your customers and your stakeholders.

Whether you need to re-position your firm for continued growth or find and tell your founder’s story, Narrative IQ helps leaders in large & small organizations develop their story skills so they can effectively inspire & engage their troops to take action. Leaders’ strategies don’t just spring to life, they stick. In the process, their personal business stories humanize the corporation.

Stories are powerful tools of persuasion. Give us a call today for your 30 minute free consultation. We’d love to discuss the opportunities and challenges you’re facing and how we can customize our Storytelling for Leaders program to address your corporate strategy and brand management needs.