About Christopher Kogler

Christopher KoglerChris Kogler is the founder and CEO of Narrative IQ. As one of Anecdote’s U.S. Partners he mentors some of the world’s top business leaders helping them discover & tell strategic business stories that inspire their employees and customers to action. Leaders’ strategies don’t just spring to life, they stick.

Early in his career Kogler worked in television as the Creative Director for NYC’s world class cultural institution, Thirteen/WNET. During his 16 award-winning years at WNET, he developed his love of stories and his storytelling skills garnered 5 Emmy Awards and numerous international kudos. Clients included GE, GM, ABC and HBO.

In 2006, he founded STI Consulting. His goal was to build on his TV storytelling experience and work with companies changing the world. In 8 years, he has spearheaded change management initiatives, helped create a web design agency, led a state recognized business incubator & counseled clean tech entrepreneurs in such diverse areas as smart grid technology, food waste recycling & tidal energy. He enjoys helping companies succeed by teaching them how to discover and narrate their unique value proposition.

Today, he’s building upon this work and his love of storytelling by partnering with Anecdote and incorporating their outstanding 6 month programs, Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales, into his consulting practice. These programs help leaders in large & small organizations develop their story skills so they can effectively inspire & engage their troops to take action. In the process, their personal business stories humanize the corporation.

You can learn more about Narrative IQ’s programs here. And, you can reach Chris at: chris@narrativeiq.com or 908. 334. 8263. He’d love to discuss the opportunities and challenges you’re facing and how Narrative IQ can customize their Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales programs to address your needs.