The Storytelling for Leaders Deliberate Practice Program is all about embedding the skills learned in the one-day workshop.

Why do I need it?

We all know that great workshops are just the start of any learning process. After any workshop you need to embed this learning by undertaking guided, focused, or as we call it – deliberate, practice – in everyday situations, to embed your new-found skills back in the ‘real world’.

How does it work?
The program starts with each participant being invited to join our online learning community that we manage through Basecamp. Then every week, for six months, they receive a new learning module.

These modules contain a series of energizing, practical and relevant exercises that only take about 10 minutes to complete. Each module empowers participants to continue to build their ability to effectively use business stories in the workplace.

What does it cover?
There are six modules in the program covering how to:
1. Spot stories
2. Find more stories to tell
3. Make your stories even better
4. Deal with anti-stories
5. Get better at gathering stories
6. Trigger stories for behavior change

Is there more I can do?
For those people who want to take their story work to the next level we offer two additional options:
1. Including the line manager or mentor
Each month they will be sent a coaching pack with a series of questions to pose, and areas to explore to enhance the learning.
2. Coaching
We offer both individual One:to:One and group coaching during the program. Participants in these sessions will experience working with one of the world’s leading experts in the field of story-work.

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