<span>, Entertainment and Media Attorney</span>
"The Storytelling for Leaders approach to communications in business development and change management is spot on for effectively tailoring your message to your audience for best impact.


Within 24 hours of taking the seminar I had already incorporated the key methods into my speaking style, within a week I efficiently turned a complicated business development opportunity into real business by using the Storytelling for Leaders methods, and within a month those methods enabled me to help a client develop a communications plan for one of his company’s key strategic initiatives.


Effective storytelling has helped me navigate through resistance and generate revenue."

- Josh N., Entertainment and Media Attorney
<span>, Storytelling For Leaders participant</span>
"“There’s loads of value in the workshop and it’s been a useful part of my leadership development activities. In my role as Chief Sustainability Officer I’m often using stories about how clients thinking has shifted around sustainability… they’re often very powerful.”


“The workshop has given me ideas and tools for actively including stories in presentations to give people a better sense of who I am and what I stand for, as well as illustrate key messages. I know they’re having an effect because of the feedback I receive – that they reflect an authenticity that is engaging – and because I hear people sharing the same stories.”"

- Dr. Nick Fleming, Storytelling For Leaders participant
<span>, Oz Corp</span>
"It’s not just a storytelling workshop; it’s an entirely new approach for delivering business content and communicating your message in a way that people remember. You think you know how to communicate with your staff, associates and partners but there’s a more powerful method that uses business stories. You think you know, until you take the Storytelling for Leaders workshop from Chris Kogler at Narrative IQ.


Storytelling for Leaders has given me several powerful, new tools for communicating more effectively with colleagues at business events & social gatherings, and interacting with my staff & customers. It was a great experience that was fun, filled with practical information and on-the-spot practice. Great Job Chris, I’ve learned a lot and have already begun to use the priceless techniques you taught me during your Storytelling for Leaders workshop. Thanks!"

- Ozy Oz, Oz Corp